It has a sizable, active developer and engineering community which helps with the regular release of new features. Your most sensitive data lives on the endpoint and in the cloud. Fortify the edges of your network with realtime autonomous protection. This article will examine Red Hat OpenShift, its features, and how it can benefit developers and organizations. So, for one, they need to maintain a high availability and they need to make sure things like site reliability engineers do this to make sure the applications are available, and the infrastructure is healthy. Next, it is going to go ahead and take that and put it into a registry—a private registry—which comes built-in in OpenShift.

what is openshift

OpenShift offers consistent security, built-in monitoring, centralized policy management, and compatibility with Kubernetes container workloads. It’s fast, enables self-service provisioning, openshift consulting and integrates with a variety of tools. Previously known as Origin, the open-source platform, OpenShift OKD lets developers create, test, and deploy applications on the cloud.

About Red Hat

Increasingly, companies are realizing the advantages these tools offer. According to a report released in 2021 by Redhat, 46% of companies surveyed saw container-based applications as the top software development priority for the next year. Announced in May 2017, is a free, open source, end-to-end and cloud-native supplement to OpenShift Online. Together, they offer an integrated approach to DevOps that incorporates tools for development teams to create and deploy microservices-based applications.

Community support – Numerous engineers and organizations contribute to the Kubernetes open-source project. Up-to-date – Provides a powerful method for rolling out application updates. Load balancing – Ensures optimal resource usage and smooth operation by distributing load between containers. Auto-scaling – K8s automatically adds or reduces capacity to match your needs, including horizontal scaling. As an example, Kubernetes is sometimes referred to as an all-in-one containerization platform. The Router objects in OpenShift and Ingress in K8s almost perform identical jobs.

What is OpenShift Container Engine?

Docker Pro or Team members also have access to the new Advanced Image Management Dashboard. In Docker, you execute commands and automation through a single API using a client-server architecture. Let’s say you are pulling code from Github to your local machine and maybe spin up a container.

what is openshift

Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Manager is a managed service that allows you to install, modify, operate, and upgrade Red Hat OpenShift clusters. This service allows you to work with all clusters in your organization from a single dashboard. It deploys one or more HAProxy-based ingress controllers to handle routing, making services accessible to external clients. When you create an OpenShift Container Platform cluster, each pod and service running in the cluster is assigned a unique IP address. The IP address is accessible by other pods and services running nearby, but not by external clients. By default, data stored in containers is lost when the container shuts down, because containers are temporary entities.

Exploring the OpenShift Platform

It also enables dev teams to fix, fine-tune and scale those apps as quickly as needed. ] of the OKD project source code, which is also available under the Apache License Version 2.0. This version supported a variety of languages, frameworks, and databases via pre-built “cartridges” running under resource-quota “gears”. Developers could add other languages, databases, or components via the OpenShift Cartridge application programming interface. This was deprecated in favour of OpenShift 3, and was withdrawn on 30 September 2017 for non-paying customers and 31 December 2017 for paying customers.

what is openshift

On the other hand, Kubernetes doesn’t have an official CI/CD integration option. Therefore, in order to create a CI/CD pipeline using Kubernetes, you must integrate external tools. Docker lets you use existing access control solutions to create policies for intrusion prevention.

Key features of OpenShift

Developers used virtual machine segmentation, which enabled multiple users to access and share resources. It also enabled developers to test and run applications in an isolated environment. Insulating applications from other processes permitted them to run concurrently with less interference or disruptions to services. Red Hat’s® OpenShift® is an open-source container platform that runs on the Red Hat enterprise Linux operating system and Kubernetes. The product is typically termed a “Platform as a Service” because it combines a host of services within the platform for enterprise businesses.

what is openshift

It also allows you to enable hardening systems, such as GRSEC, SELinux, and App Armor, to add another layer of security. And, essentially, what it enables you to do is whenever a change is detected with that image, an image stream will allow you to push those with no downtime to your applications. So what it’ll do is, you know, with that new version of that code, it’ll bring down the old version, start the new version until we’ve rolled out the whole new version of that application. It’s also helpful to have a basic knowledge of how container orchestration technology developed and where it stands today. How does one of the largest banks in Europe tackle the demands of its highly DevOps-centric approach with containerized workloads running on OpenShift and integrated with Ansible, Terraform, and Kafka?


This also ensures the scalability of the existing application workflow also; as both of the technologies form an integral part of the cloud platform, they can be used independently. A container orchestration engine, Kubernetes, employs a master/node architecture. Kubernetes master servers maintain the information about the server cluster, and nodes run the actual application work-loads. Lenovo wanted to achieve a rapid digital transformation to improve its capabilities and meet business demands faster.

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